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World’s leading
quality standards

Dea Flores is synonymous with premium quality products. We make great efforts to establish cooperation with suppliers who produce their raw materials under the control of the world’s leading quality standards. Among them are ISO 9001, GMP, organic production, Halal, Vegan, Kosher, and numerous analysis that confirm the authenticity of plants and their active components. Also Dea Flores finished products are certified and produced according to the strictest standards of natural and organic cosmetics.

NATRUE Organic Quality

NaTrue is a European certificate for organic cosmetics founded in Brussels in 2007. NaTrue brings together true friends of the natural who are committed to a high standard of quality and integrity when it comes to natural raw materials.

What makes the NaTrue seal unique

  • Exclusively non-GMO, 100% natural, derived natural and nature-identical raw materials can be part of NaTrue certified products
  • Water is not counted as part of the “natural content” to avoid inflating the “naturalness” of the product by adding water. The result is that NaTrue products require a higher portion of natural than products of other standards
  • All products go through a rigorous process of checking documentation and proving the authenticity of raw materials, announced and unannounced audits to ensure compliance with the standard

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Halal means lawful or permissible by those who follow the Islamic faith. Halal cosmetics must not contain substances obtained from pork or from animals slaughtered in a way that is not supported by the Muslim faith, they should be free of ethanol, narcotics, hazardous substances, without exposure to radiation and without GMOs.

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100% pure essential oils

Dea Flores is extremely proud of our range of top quality essential oils of proven aromatherapeutic quality. All our products are 100% pure and natural without anything being added or taken away from them.

We guarantee the purity and naturalness of our products by systematic control of physical and chemical properties by gas chromatography. We choose our suppliers in accordance with high quality requirements, guided by the principles of traceability, purity and naturalness.

Dermatologically tested

Dermatologically tested Dea Flores products are specially created for sensitive skin, and their tolerability and tolerance have been proven by clinical tests. The test results confirm 0% of the skin irritations of the subjects and are thus suitable for sensitive skin.


Kosher products are those who comply with Jewish regulations, i.e. the Torah. The products that are Kosher in this sense are made according to the rules of purity and quality of raw materials. Kosher products are alcohol-free, without animal testing, produced according to special rules of purity in accordance with the Jewish faith.