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Ocelia Winter SET

Ocelia Winter SET

The unique winter set of Ocelia ultrasonic diffuser and the synergy of potent essential oils is all you need this winter. Bydiffusing selected essential oils contained in Respirata, you will disinfect the space and bring freshness to the living and working space. In January, with every ordered Ocelia diffuser, we give away Respirata + free delivery.

Ocelia ultrasonic diffuser

The Ocelia ultrasonic diffuser combines design with the well-being of aromatic diffusion, allowing you to create a gentle, pleasant olfactory ambiance. Its ultrasonic spray emits a light mist of water that diffuses the essential oils and pleasantly humidifies dry air. Equipped with a timer, it stops automatically after 30 minutes or when there is no more water. Thanks to its misting technique, it can diffuse over an area up to 30m².

Tank capacity: 100 ml

Respirata, 100% natural essential oil blend

100% natural essential oil blend ideal for inhalation and application in aroma diffusers. Contains pure essential oils with proven antibacterial and anti viral properties.

100% natural essential oil blend:

  • eucaluptus
  • tea tree
  • pine
  • fir
  • cajeput
  • niaouli

INCI: Eucalyptus globulus oil,Melaleuca alternifolia oil,Melaleuca viridiflora leaf oil,Eucalyptus radiata oil, Melaleucaleucadendron cajaputi (cajaput)leaf oil, Pinus sylvestris leaf oil,Abies alba needle oil


Ocelia winter set contains:

  • Ocelia ultrasonic diffuser
  • Respirata, essential oil blend 10 ml

Set up diffuser according to user manual to be found in every box.
Apply few drops of Respirata or other Dea Flores essential oil into the diffuser tank. Re-apply if needed.

Quality guarantee


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