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Minilia Summer set

Minilia winter set

An excellent set with the beautiful mini diffuser Minilia in a package with very useful blends ideal for the summer. All natural Repellent for diffusers will keep the mosquitos away and the Summer essential oil blend will be your everlasting memory of summer.

Minilia Ultrasonic diffuser

Three advantages of the Minilia diffuser: compact, easy to use and affordable:
This ultrasonic diffuser with its unsurpassed value for money is the ideal way to start your journey in the world of aromatherapy.
With one diffusion program, it disperses essential oils on yours. It runs for 8 hours and then stops automatically.
It brings all the benefits of aromatherapy in any room up to 20m2.
Its effective mist comes with a pleasant range of gentle colors.

Fully portable, very compact.

Repellent, 100% natural essential oil blend for diffusers, 20 ml

Repellent Diffuser is a synergy of essential oils that completely naturally wards off mosquitoes. It is ideal for use on trips, in bedrooms, offices, living and sleeping rooms. In addition to acting against annoying mosquitoes, it has a pleasant smell and will refresh any space.


  • DEET
  • artificial chemicals

Summer, 100% natural essential oil blend

Summer is a new essential oil blend of 100% pure essential oils that exudes freshness, lightness and wonderful summer memories. Mint, orange, pine, fir, lavender, litsea are just some of the essential oils that make up this unique blend.

Minilia Winter set includes:

  • Minilia, ultrasonic diffuser
  • Repellent, essential oil blend 20 ml
  • Summer, 100% pure essential oil essential oil blend

Assemble and use the diffuser according to the instruction manual to be found in each box. Apply few drops of the essential oil in to the diffuser container. Re-apply if needed.

Quality guarantee


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