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Ultrasonic diffuser

Lilia is a go-anywhere essential oil diffuser with a rechargeable battery. Lilia diffuses directly from a bottle of essential oils, without adding water and without removing the dropper.

Its new, exclusive technology using ultra-nebulisation is the best solution on the market for enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy.

This ultra-nebulisation technology because, unlike a standard ultrasonic essential oil diffuser, you don’t have to add water. Diffusion is immediate, while the droplets dispersed in the air are much finer and lighter than those from a conventional ultrasonic diffuser.Finer and lighter, they disperse better in the air and stay there much longer.

No water is added to the essential oil.

Warranty: 5 years


Assembling the Lilia diffuser

  1. Remove the cover
  2. Remove the cap from the essential oil bottle.
  3. Turn the diffuser over and screw it onto the essential oil bottle in place of the cap.
  4. Ensure the diffuser is fully tightened without forcing the bottle.
  5. Turn over and gently shake the whole thing (to start the descent of the essential oils into the diffusion device).
  6. Replace the cover.
  7. Place the device on its charging stand
  8. With the USB cable, connect the stand to a USB jack or wall socket with the AC adapter supplied.
  9. The device is ready for operation and charging, so it can then run on the battery and be removed from its charging stand.

Operating principle of the Lilia diffuser

Press the on/off/timer button to turn on the unit.

  • 1st press, blue light: 9 diffusion jets on start-up then 3 jets every 5 minutes. Automatic shutdown after 2 hours of operation.
    Battery life: 24 cycles of 2 hours. 92 hours of diffusion for a 15ml bottle
  • 2nd press, green light: 9 diffusion jets on start-up then 3 jets every 10 minutes. Automatic shutdown after 4 hours of operation.
    Battery life: 18 cycles of 4 hours. 164 hours of diffusion for a 15ml bottle
  • 3rd press: turn off the diffuser

It isn’t necessary to remove the dropper to operate this product.
To remove the bottle of essential oil installed in the Lilia diffuser, turn the product over and wait a few minutes for the oil contained in the diffuser to go back down into the bottle (the return of the oil into the bottle is slowed by the dropper). Then unscrew the diffuser from the bottle.

The Lithium battery is recharged in 2 hours when the diffuser isn’t working on its base.
The light around the diffusion outlet is red when the product is charging, and turns off when it’s fully charged.

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Product efficiency


  • Easy to use
  • No addition of water
  • Essential oil bottle is inserted directly to the diffuser
  • Longer concentration of essential oil molecules in the air
  • 5 years warranty

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