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AromaLOVE set

AromaLOVE set

Aroma LOVE set brings everything you need for a unique atmosphere in your home. Some old acquaintances, indispensable in our homes and the new exclusive natural ambient perfume Amore. The ideal gift whenever you want to give the best

The set includes:

  • Amore, natural ambience perfume, 20 ml

Amore is a sensual composition of warm vanilla, exotic flowers of Asia, orange and geranium that will bring warmth, luxury, elegance and relaxation to any space.

Indulge in the irresistible sweetness of the scent and enrich your living or working space.

100% natural perfume notes combined with 100% pure essential oils make Amore the perfect ambient perfume.

  • Stress less, essential oil blend

Stress Less is a warm essential oil blend of orange,lemon, clove, nutmeg and other essential oils that give the space a specially relacing feeling. It is ideal for creating an relaxing atmosphere, stress reduction and relaxating

  • Fresh air, essential oil blend

Fresh air is a refreshing essential oil blend of eucalyptus, pine, fir, peppermint and other selected essential oils that purify the air and bring freshness. This unique blend is ideal for application in aroma diffusors in closed spaces during winter months

  • Summer, essential oil blend

Summer is a unique essential oil blend of 100% pure essential oils that exudes freshness, lightness and wonderful summer memories. Mint, orange, pine, fir, lavender, litsea are just some of the essential oils that make up this unique blend.

  • Insomnia, essential oil blend

Insomnia is a specially created product with 100% natural essential oils intended for use in diffusers. It is ideal for relaxation, bringing peace in the evening when the body is preparing for sleep. Due to the fast pace of life, increasing number of obligations, worries and responsibilities, unfortunately, insomnia is one of the most common problems faced by people of all generations. Fortunately, in this case, too, nature has effective solutions. The essential oils of lavender, ylang ylang, marjoram have a relaxing and calming effect, allowing us to calm down and fall asleep more easily.

  • Anti smoke, essential oil blend

Anti smoke is a new unique Dea Flores synergy specially created to act against unpleasant odors such as smoke odors, food preparation and the like. Intended for use in diffusers will replace the unpleasant smell and with fresh notes of pure essential oils of mint, fir, eucalyptus, lit sea.

AromaWELL se is exclusively available in Dea Flores web shop.

AromaLOVE set

  • Amore, natural ambiance perfume, 20 ml
  • Insomnia, essential oil blend 20 ml
  • Summer, essential oil blend 20 ml
  • Anti smoke, essential oil blend 20 ml
  • Stress less, essential oil blend 20 ml
  • Fresh air, essential oil blend 20 ml


Essential oil blends

Apply few drops into the tank of the diffuser.

Do not apply directly on skin and mucus. Keep out of reach of children, Do not expose to heat and light. For application in diffusors.

Quality guarantee


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